Türen - Acryl Glaks

Acryl mit Glass-Effekt, trendorientiert, unzerbrechlich, kratz- und stoßfest

It looks like glass but it isn’t!
Krono System presents Acryl Glaks, a new material that can be applied to many supports: kitchen doors, panels, interior doors, partitions, table tops and so on. It is a 2-mm thick sheet of acrylic that looks exactly like glass but offers some important advantages: it is unbreakable and resistant to scratches and impacts.
But the advantages don’t stop here: contrary from glass that requires specific cutting and machining tools, Acryl Glaks can be worked (i.e. cut, drilled, edged, etc.) by any cabinet-maker using the tools he normally employs for his trade. It is available as a pressed panel for in-house machining or as a door with a Krono System finish.
Acryl Glaks is available with a gloss or matt finish in the neutral white, cream and grey colours to which many other shades will be added shortly.

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