Türen - Strata

Plywood Multiplex marine waterproof beschichtet mit glänzendem/ mattem Acryl oder aus HPL-Laminat

Strata is the plywood support by Krono System composed of waterproof marine-grade plywood.
It is fully ecological and recyclable, lightweight and resistant to water and moisture as well as to delamination, mould and fungi.
Ideal for the kitchen and bathroom, it is also much appreciated with exposed, uncoated, edges. It achieves its utmost in terms of health benefits and ecocompatibility when combined with the antibacterial Zerobact Krono System acrylic surfaces.
Strata can easily be used as a top, even in the option with a 30° slanting edge and in the refined super matt HPL finish or, alternatively, together with Acryl Glaks that gives the support all the appearance and feel of transparent glass.
For more product information and further details on the countless ways it can be used, we at Krono System invite designers and furniture manufacturers to contact us.

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