Cabinet Doors - Nova

You can either cut down trees or come to Krono System!

The HPL that is just as beautiful as wood.
Each and every time you touch Nova, your mind will go back to when you used to climb trees as a child, to the summer breeze and to the scent of ripe peaches.
These are all feelings that stem from a deep connection with nature.
Nova is a coating made of modern, synthetic agglomerate with the same morphological characteristics of wood, the same naturally deep grain and the same extraordinary finish.
It is a technologically advanced product made by fully respecting the environment: no trees are cut down and no harmful, polluting substances are used to finish it.
It is resistant to scratches, light, heat, chemical agents and stains, making it every housewife’s dream come true.
It is available in various finishes, either imitating wood or other materials, and in an array of colour combinations.

For more information: "Nova" send email to [email protected]